13 Ways to Grow as a Writer

Artist’s see beauty even in the most simplistic shapes and textures. Seemingly ordinary objects can inspire them to create something amazing. Scientists feed their quest for answers with experimentation and marvel at new discoveries. The musician continually reaches for new and exciting limits with their instrument or arrangement.

What about you, writer? Do you push your limits? Do you grow and thrive? Do you attempt the impossible in order to develop new and exciting projects?

Creative people need constant stimulation to grow and nurture their craft, and writers are no exception. If you continue to do the same thing, you are not stretching your talents. Trying new types of writing, extending your practice to include teaching or writing courses, or doing freelance projects- these are just some of the ways to continue growing as a writer.

But I am also talking about improving your current writing projects.

Here are 13 ways to stimulate your mind and keep ideas fresh:

  1. Make new connections with other creative people
  2. Challenge yourself to do something new each week
  3. Give yourself permission to go outside of your box
  4. Trust yourself and know you will be gaining from new experiences
  5. Invest in yourself with new classes, training, or events
  6. Be brave, stand up, stand out, find new ways to bring value to your readers (your fans!)
  7. Be with people who share your interests- join writing or networking groups
  8. Go to places of stimulation- art galleries, museums, a play, a concert, a botanical garden
  9. Travel somewhere you have never been- write about your experiences
  10. Commit each day to feel energized and grow both professionally and personally
  11. It’s okay to lose the calendar and change it up sometimes
  12. Read books that you never thought you would read- a classic or a different genre
  13. Do at least one thing each week that is fun, makes you laugh, enjoy life and experience freedom

potting plants
Growing is vital for your writing career, as well as for your personal life. Stagnation keeps us from moving forward. Life is about pressing on and creating better and more beautiful things for ourselves.

It is not just about making more money, being popular or being the best. It is about personal growth and accomplishment. It is about harmony and being content with who you are and what you do. It is about leaving a legacy of your writing gifts, and touching others with that magic.

Keep immersing yourself into things that pique your curiosity and you will revel in ideas and avoid road blocks in your writing career.

Remember that you are unique, distinct and full of writing magic!

Keep growing,


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