A Writer’s Mount Everest

Can you be like writers Stephen King, James Patterson or Nora Roberts?  These high output writers that seem to kick out a new hot selling novel every month?

Maybe, yes.  But listen to this:  They didn’t start out that way.  They weren’t always hot-shot superstars.  They started just like you.  They gave everything to their craft- consistency, time, effort and lots of practice– to get where they are today.

It takes a certain amount of quality talent, and it takes loads of dedication.  Understand that there are millions of writers out there who are not J.K. Rowling, Dean Koontz or Janet Evanovich, but who are making careers out of writing just the same.  That means you can too.

“Beginning writers must appreciate the prerequisites if they hope to become writers.  You pay your dues- which takes years.”      ~Alex Haley

What is difficult for us, as human beings in the age of instant satisfaction, is the acceptance of the fact that it takes TIME.

We want it to happen today, right now, thank you.  But writing isn’t like that.  You start, you work and you put it out there, then you do it again.  The more you do, the more practice you get.  The more practice you get, the better writer you become.  The better writer you become, the more successful you are.

It’s very much the same as going up the corporate ladder.  Or like scaling a mountain.  You have to start someplace (usually near the bottom), but you look up, create the vision of where you want to be, and start climbing.mountain man

Writing is your metaphorical Mount Everest.  Start at Base Camp 1 and make your way up.  The very top is where those superstars are.  The air is thin up there, with fewer writers.

But guess what?  You don’t have to make it that far up the mountain to be successful!  You can be thriving and even happy at Base Camp 2 or 3 or 4.  There are very strong climbers (writers) at these Base Camps too.
So what’s your writing plan?  If it feels like Mount Everest, then take it Camp by Camp.

Base Camp 1- Write. Edit. Write. Edit. Write. Edit. Publish.

Base Camp 2- Do it again. Don’t forget Marketing. Marketing. Marketing.

Base Camp 3- Do it again. Strive up that steep hill.

Base Camp 4- Do it again. Don’t give up. See your vision. Keep climbing.

The Summit- That’s wherever you want it to be.


Remember:  You don’t have to set boundaries or limits.  You do what is comfortable and happy for you.

This is my point:  Writing as a career is a long haul.  You don’t usually publish one thing and become an instant superstar.  You can get there steadily though, just like the mountain climber who keeps working and climbing, who stays fit, who doesn’t stop, and who takes it one Base Camp at a time.

So don’t give up.  Take deep breaths.  Keep writing.  Then do it again!

Keep Crushing Blocks,


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