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What it is:  The Writer’s Block Workshop, a resource-filled spot for writers.

Who it is for:  This site is for you, magical writer.

This is a community of EMPOWERMENT and RESOURCES for all writers, whether you write fiction, non-fiction, freelance articles, poetry, blog posts- you name it.   Whether you have been writing for years or just started yesterday, you are welcome here.

This site aims to provide you with writing tips and progressive ideas, news, author services and community support.  Join in and tell us your tips and tricks, your blocks and distractions, your insights and your passions.


What we will do:  We will be CRUSHING BLOCKS. Writer’s Blocks, that is.

If you are a writer, you already know all about writer’s block.  It happens to every writer and, well, it stinks.  It is the thorn in the side of your creative mind.  It is the obstruction that blinds your brain.  It is the killer of productivity.

Writer’s block is more than just a blank page in front of you, screaming at you to get going.  Blocks can be all kinds of obstacles facing writers, from time management, to overcoming doubt, to social media, to marketing and selling your works and everything in between.

What you will find: You’ll find quick, easy to read posts, writing news, productivity tips and free worksheets.  You’ll find spectacular Indie Author Spotlights.   You will find help in services such as editing, social media marketing and blogging.  I don’t believe in wasting your time.  Get what you need and use it.  Apply the tactics that work best for you.  There is no one-size-fits-all in writing. Explore the pages, posts and Resources.  I hope you will find some inspiration here and share it with your own writing community.

A bit about me: My favorite things are writing, books, movies, art and travel. I read as many books as I can squeeze into my life. I go to the movies a lot and I have a large book and film collection. I love making art- painting & collage- and art museums. I love being in the woodsy mountains or on a sunny beach. And of course, I love writing stories. I’m in the process of editing a full length novel for publication in 2017. My favorite genres are supernatural and thriller as well as horror, with some historical fiction and fantasy thrown into the mix as well.  I also conduct group writing workshops and events. That’s me.

But, I really want to know YOU.

Don’t be shy- join in the conversation!  I want to learn from you too. Along the way, let’s have some fun- writing is supposed to be enjoyable. So tell me… what are you writing, magical writer?

This is my goal and my wish:  To encourage you to pursue your writing dreams, to overcome writer’s block, obstacles and diversions, to renew your mind with creative thinking practices, and to get that project underway.

I hope you will join me.  I hope you will become a Block Crusher.

Here’s a great post to start with:  13 Ways to Grow as a Writer.


P.S. Please share your ideas- that’s what this is about! Check out some blog posts and feel free to send me a comment or two.  You can contact me here.   I can’t answer every email, but I will read every single one.  Your questions, tips and ideas may be shared here on the blog!  And don’t forget to join The Block Crushers Writing Circle Facebook Group for more.

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