An Eiffel Tower Project

Have you ever thought that the project you were working on was too big and would take too much time? I guess we have all been there. We have this big, fantastic idea, then we realize just how much work would go into making it a reality.

Daunting projects, however, can become history makers. Take the grand example of the construction of the Eiffel Tower.  Did you know that…

The project for the Eiffel Tower was heavily criticized and even petitioned against by writers, painters, sculptors and other architects?

They thought it would be an ugly, hideous, useless tower- a ridiculous black stain on the City of Paris. Even after the Tower was constructed and met with public acclaim, many of those criticizers remained disloyal to it.

The Eiffel Tower was built for the 1889 World’s Fair to commemorate the centennial of the French Revolution. The foundations alone took six months to place. The Tower opened to the public two years later. They used 18,038 pieces and 2.5 million rivets. They defeated the principles of engineering by creating it to withstand wind forces. They still paint it every seven years to prevent rust.  (Thank you, Wikipedia!)


Despite the size of the project, the engineering feats and the criticizers, the Eiffel Tower has become the very symbol of Paris, France.

And it was supposed to be taken down.

That’s right. Mr. Eiffel had a twenty year permit. The City had planned to take it down.

So why am I talking about the Eiffel Tower on a writing blog?

Because you have to start somewhere- like the ground- and climb up.  You can create big things, if you don’t let anything stop you.  Your projects are your metaphorical towers.

Here is what we learn from taking on Eiffel Tower -type projects:

  • It is scary, but worthwhile
  • Many little pieces- or actions- create the whole
  • There may be naysayers, but who cares?
  • Those with a clear vision and plan will defeat the stumbling blocks
  • People will end up praising your creation
  • Your massive labor of love can be the best success you’ve ever had

So writers, take heart. Sometimes we feel as if we are on a slow climb up the 1700 steps of the Eiffel Tower to get where we want to be. But you have to start anyway. Because there is no other choice, unless you like the view from the ground.

Personally, I’ll take the view from the top.

Keep climbing,

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