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Teresa McRaeThis month’s featured Indie Author is Teresa McRae. Teresa is the author of the book series The Garrisons, and she just released the second book in the series, Colin Garrison. The series is historical fiction, focused on African-American life in the 19th century. I asked Teresa to tell us a little bit about her writing:

Q. First, please tell us about your new book and the series.

A. The First Book in the series, Mamie Garrison, focuses on Mamie’s experiences as a worker on the Underground Railroad during the Civil War. In Colin Garrison, book two of my series, the story of Mamie and her family continues. Colin Garrison is a young man who has a plan for his life. He’s waiting till he turns eighteen to make the life he envisions for himself a reality. His mother, Mamie Garrison, has a different idea, now that an emergency has presented itself. She needs Colin to leave right away on what may turn out to be a wasted journey. His father, John, has left the home. Only a letter remains addressed to Mamie, and she wants Colin to attempt to find John and bring him home. John is fighting the demons left with him from fighting in the Civil War. Colin must fight his own wants in order to put his family first. Thus, the story begins. Colin’s travels will bring him fear, love, trials, but most of all the knowledge of what it means to be a man. As he travels through the post-war Southern States, he relies on the strength of his upbringing, and the special gifts of his sister, Emily, to keep him on the path to finding his father.

This second book contains old and new characters. There are the problems of the post-war, post-slavery south; the rise of the KKK and the convict labor system. There is a dual story-line that features Bella and Andrew from book one, as they encounter their trials with family, and the growth of their love for each other and their new baby. Will Colin find John? Will John return with him? How will Colin and the entire Garrison family be changed by Colin’s journey? What does the future hold for Bella, Andrew, and their child? (Book three will continue where book two leaves off.)

Click the image below to check out Colin Garrison right now!

Colin Garrison Cover

Q. When did you first start writing?

A. I began writing poetry as a child. I later wrote some prose and did some songwriting with my husband. I never completed any stories during this time. After I stopped working at age 58, I wrote my first completed novel, Mamie Garrison.

Q. What is your favorite thing about writing?

A. I like creating characters. My favorite books are ones that are character driven. If a character can grab my heart, then I become invested in the story.

Q. What types of genres are your favorite to read?

A. My favorite genres are Historical fiction, Fantasy, and Biography.

Q. Do you have hobbies or pastimes that you like to do besides writing?

A. I enjoy doing crossword puzzles and reading. I also like to occasionally binge watch a drama on television.

Q. Do you have any struggles with writing?

A. I am not very good at editing, therefore I always hire outside editors. I hate marketing, but look at it as a necessary evil. My dream would be to find someone who could do all my marketing for me.

Q. What advice would you give to someone starting out on the self-publishing journey?

A. Be patient and thorough. Don’t rush to get the book on to Amazon. Make sure you’ve checked and rechecked everything before hitting the publish button. This is a mistake I made with my first book, and I would save anyone the aggravation.

Q. Do you have any special tips to keep your writing workflow organized?

A. I’m not the most organized of writers. I make notes, but I also do a lot of the initial writing in my head before committing anything to paper. I like to know where my characters will be at the end of the story before I start. Sometimes this changes, but I always have a general story arc in mind.

Teresa is busy planning book 3 of The Garrison series. In the meantime, check out her author pages and her books listed at the links below!

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I would like to thank Teresa for sharing her books and giving her time for the Indie Author Spotlight. Please support your fellow Indie Authors by buying their books and posting kind reviews for them!

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