Faith in Your Writing

I want to talk about faith in writing. Your writing to be precise. Why? Because it is a universal truth that writers struggle with confidence.

Writers fight with self-doubt. You ride the roller coaster of uncertainty and hesitation on a daily basis. One day you’re up, the next day down. Monday you feel energetic and believe your creations will change the world. Tuesday you look at your stuff and think it sucks. Wednesday you think you have the power to make it better…. and it goes on.

Self-doubt is human nature. How do you change your thought process to stop this vicious, negative cycle?

Thriving, creative leaders, entrepreneurs, artists and writers have one thing in common:

Faith in their work.

That means they believe two things:

1. That when they give positive energy to their work, it will be fruitful and rewarding.
2. That they are victorious- even before they are.

How do you talk yourself into believing in your writing unequivocally?

I know. It’s easier said than done. But listen to this: Faith is something you are always processing in your life, whether you are conscious of it or not.

You already possess faith.

You just need to know where to put it.

When you make life changing decisions, you are acting on faith. When you apply for that writing grant, send off an agent query, go to the job interview, buy a car, make a marriage proposal, decide to have a child… you are doing so on the concept that you will be able to handle that particular thing. You put your faith in it.

How do you put faith in your writing?

Positive Mindset + Energy = Writing Power

The things you tell yourself- your personal thoughts- create your mindset. Your mindset produces energy. And energy manifests ideas, power and success.

The thoughts you generate about your writing each day release power. So, if you have negative thoughts about your writing, what do you think will arise from that? Probably not your best output.

Now, if you put your thoughts in a positive, faithful mindset, what do you think you can accomplish?Be Great

These are choices that you make every day. You can choose to be confident about your writing or you can choose to doubt it. Of course, the energy of confidence will produce higher quality output, but it does something else that is surprising.

Faith and confidence in your unique writing gifts will give power to the writing itself.

When you believe that what you are constructing is already successful, and picture it in your mind as a complete, wonderful product of your gifts, you are giving incredible, energizing power to your project.

This is the amazing part:
What you believe has a magical way of coming about.

The things you tell yourself determines your course. Having faith in your writing and believing that it is victorious even before it is clears your pathway and makes the journey easier and even enjoyable. And wouldn’t you like to start each day like that?

Take control of your mindset. Give energy to positive affirmations. Repeat them to yourself every day.

Here is the simple formula again:  Positive Mindset + Energy = Writing Power.

It works. It really does. Remember, you already possess faith. You just need to know where to put it. (Put it in your writing!)

You can do this. You are already successful. You have magical writing gifts to share with the world.

Believe it. Energize it. Write it!


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