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Who’s in the Spotlight?

…Tabitha Darling… Tabitha writes everything from memoir and science fiction and fantasy to children’s chapter books and picture books.

Her new book is a science fiction/fantasy series called Trust (Children of Chiron Series, Vol. 1).

You can read about her book HERE.Trust- Book Cover-Tabitha Darling


…Cendrine Marrouat… author and photographer, who’s latest title is Life’s Little Things: The Quotes.

Life's Little Things cover

You can read more about Cendrine’s photography, which is inspired by the beauty of nature… CLICK HERE TO READ IT NOW.


…Lea Carter… author of the series of books called the Silver Sagas. Lea’s stories combine fantasy, adventure and sweet romance in tales of the residents of Fairydom.

Lea’s latest installment is Book 6, The Seeker’s Storm:  (Click the pic to check it out right now!)

Seekers Storm by Lea Carter



…Jay Sandlin…  Jay is the creator of The Novel Comics, a series that begins with Outbreak Mutiny, a unique story in that it is an Alternate History. With Superheroes.

I asked Jay to share his exciting project with you… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT IT!

Outbreak Mutiny-POSTER-Jay Sandlin

(Click the pic to get the book now!)


…Cynthia A. Morgan…, as a featured writer in the Indie Author Spotlight!

Morgan, as she is known by, is an accomplished young-adult fantasy author with her Trilogy, Dark Fey, which includes Book 1, The Reviled and Book 2, Standing in the Shadows… CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ABOUT HER WRITING!

(Click the book cover to go directly to her books!)

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