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I have read and/or used each of the items listed here, so I can attest to their helpfulness.  Please note that this page contains affiliate links where I may receive a small commission.  It doesn’t cost you anything extra, but helps me cover the costs of running the website, as well as creating new content for you.  And, if you have a suggestion for a resource you love, send me a message about it here.


 Structuring Your Novel Workbook- by K.M. Wieland. Questions and Exercises to create a smashing novel. Cool!
Bird by Bird-Some Instructions on Writing & Life- by Anne Lamott.  Inspiration for writers from a beloved author.

Editor Proof Your Writing, 21 Steps to the Clear Prose Publishers & Agents Crave- by Don McNair. Great examples for simple sentence structure for “Fog Free” writing that your readers will appreciate.

Strunk & White- The Elements of Style. The classic writing guide- You should have this, like yesterday.

On Writing- A Memoir of the Craft- by Stephen King. A fantastic book about writing and a writer’s life. Even if you’re not a fan of his work, first, I will forgive you (maybe) and second, the book is worth reading for all writers because it is about the craft of writing. Get it.

The Writer’s Journey-Mythic Structure for Writers- by Christopher Vogler. Revered by epic fiction writers, this book explains how to craft the story arcs of your characters.  It’s known as the bible for screenwriters.  Just saying.




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For a truly comprehensive website about blogging and taking care of your fans, check out  The content is amazingly helpful, especially if you are just starting your blogging life or author’s platform.  And there’s tons and tons and tons of free content.  (This is not an affiliate link- I just really love this site and this cool Aussie guy named Darren.  Check out his podcasts so you can enjoy the accent.)


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For everything you could possibly ever want to know about social media marketing, various platforms and events, try



Here’s a fantastic resource for self formatting your e-books:

FOR THE DESIGNER IN YOU- Covers, Ads, Posters, Flyers… Anything!

Check out  It’s so easy to design ads, social media posts and covers for your projects, and most of it is FREE. It’s my fave!



The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader.  (You probably already have an e-reader, but if not, try this one.  I just have to say that I love my Paperwhite for reading e-books!)


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