How often do you have a great idea, but get stuck in the mud and can’t get it off the ground?  Do you get to a critical part in your work-in-progress, only to stall?  How many times have you started that second novel, only to come up dry?  Do you struggle to create realistic, interesting characters?  Maybe time, family and job constraints get in the way too.  Does social media marketing make you quiver?

Writer’s Block.

It’s more than just a blank page!

Writer’s block is more than just a blank page in front of you, screaming at you to get going.  Blocks can be all kinds of obstacles facing writers.

BLOCKS can be in the form of:

  • Time Management
  • Finding your Writing-Life Balance
  • Procrastination
  • Meeting Deadlines
  • Over-analyzing and Distraction
  • Poor Organization
  • Doubt and Fear
  • Problem Solving and Solution Finding
  • Research Struggles
  • Editing your Work
  • Creating your Writer Platform
  • Business and Expense tracking
  • Marketing and Social Media

Wow!  That’s a big list.  See why we get writer’s blocks?  It’s not always a lack of ideas.  Sometimes it is simply being overwhelmed with all there is to do.  Because writer’s have to be their own publicists.  Writer’s have to do their own marketing, their own business handling, and their own organizing of such tasks, not to mention finding the time to create (actually writing!) for your muse.

It’s a lot of work.  And becoming overwhelmed can make that block bigger and bigger and bigger, so that you are no longer sure how to navigate around it.

The good news is, you are capable of overcoming blocks and finding success.  Millions of writers have.  See, writing is in your blood, or you wouldn’t even be doing it.

So what do you do when you are stuck? There are three simple steps to get you going.

In order to deal with writer’s block, you need to identify three things:

  1. What the block is (see list above)
  2. Why the block is happening to you (what aspect is frustrating you or holding you back?)
  3. How to Crush that Block

The tips on this site aim to help you manage all of the struggles writers face, from organizing to overcoming doubt, from marketing and finding balance and everything in between.  You’ll learn to see why a block is happening to you and you’ll create ways to CRUSH your block.

This site is new and building, and I’d love your help along the way.  I welcome your tips and ideas.  I believe writers could use a supportive environment to help each other, don’t you?


Here is what I believe:  When you accomplish something, it gives you confidence.  When you conquer your blocks and finish your project and set it out to the world, it boosts your personal writing power.  It gives you the confidence to do anything.  And you can!  So do it.

Now, let’s get BLOCK CRUSHING.  Click on a category in the sidebar or browse the Blog and go!


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