Superhero Writing-2

-Superhero Writing-Part 2-  ( Read Part 1 here)

So, you have Identified the Block, and Accepted the Block.  Now you have to Crush the Block. Ready? It’s easy…

The first thing you have to do is write down possible solutions to your block.

The second thing is to implement the solution that fits.

I’ve developed an awesome little worksheet you can use to list out your blocks and find solutions.  You can get the FREE worksheet here. Use it! Really, writing it down does help, trust me.

writing-fountain penThe first solution you try may not work, and that’s okay. If it is not, well, then you keep problem solving. Writing is like putting together a puzzle. You keep trying a different solution until you find what works for you.


If you are struggling with time constraints because you have this obligation or that event to go to, try to rearrange your schedule. If you miss one event, but it means that you finish your project and therefore accomplish your goal, then it is worth it. (Now, if it’s your mother’s birthday, you can’t rearrange that! Don’t vex your loved ones.) But you do have to put writing on your schedule and be disciplined about it. Don’t let TV or social nights take over. Record your shows and watch them when your project is done. Tell your friends you will catch up with them next time. Ask your family for an extra half hour per day to work on your project. Don’t forget to reward your friends and family later by spending quality time with them.

If you are lacking the money you need for your project and don’t have a rich uncle, you can research ways to raise funds. There are great new avenues for that now. Sites like Kickstarter and GoFundMe and Indiegogo have helped many creative people looking for funds.  (Note:  I have not personally used these sites, but I have read about many people that were successful with these types of fund raising.  Please read the company’s rules and regulations before diving in.)

Perhaps you need to take a course on social media marketing and use automated systems to help you be more efficient. Social Media is great but it seems to get more complicated every day. Are you using it to its full potential? Doing so can increase your sales, so think about scheduling social media marketing training time into your plans.

Book sales lacking? List ways you can improve your book’s reach, such as a three day sale announcement or a buy-one- get-one free special. Offer some freebie’s on your website for people that buy your book. Think about updating your cover or your book’s description. Maybe you need to update the keywords for a more effective search on Amazon and re-launch your book. Make sure your author pages look professional and specific to your genre. Look for readers of your genre on social media so you can market it to people who are actually interested in it.

If the block is a blank page in front of you, step away from it for a bit. (And by a bit, I mean until you miss working on it.) That could be two days, a week, seven weeks or even seven months. Take the time for it to rest and work on something else for awhile.

Self confidence an issue? Time to enlist the help of a writing buddy or mentor. You can find lots of people willing to help keep you inspired and support you on writing forums, Facebook Groups (like the WBW Block Crushers Group- hint, hint!) and other social media outlets. Join a local writer community. Even though your friends and family support your writing endeavors, they may not know quite how you feel if they are not writers themselves. You need someone who understands you. Reach out to other writers and you just might find new inspiration to dig yourself out of that rut.

These are just a few ideas- there are thousands more. Be creative and think about all of the possible solutions to fix the problem you are facing. You can be a superhero writer.  Obstacles are only temporary. Blocks can be crushed.

Block Crushing Exercise: Write up three possible solutions to your current block today. Try implementing them and see what magic you can conjure!

Remember the three step process: Identify the Block, Accept the Block, Crush the Block.

Then smile at how clever you are.


P.S.  Don’t forget to check out these FREE worksheets to help you Identify, Accept and Crush your blocks.

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