Superhero Writing-1

Part 1

We are not superheroes.  Sometimes we’d like to be. They are successful, and we want that too.  We want to roll through life in a fancy car or private jet and leap to the aid of innocent bystanders in distress.  We want to take on the bullies and fight for the free world and be the captain of the universe!

Okay, maybe not.  It’s fun to imagine, and that’s why the superhero comics and films are so entertaining.  But in reality, superheroes are people like you and me, taking care of the business of life, taking care of careers, families, and the people and the places we love.

But, I ask you… would it hurt to have just a little superhero power for your writing?

Writing superpower is available.  You have to channel it, and you have probably felt that superpower before.  You know how great it feels when a project is moving along quickly, easily, flowing from your mind through your fingers, writing the perfect words in perfect order, creating a future masterpiece.  That feeling is ecstasy for writers.

Sometimes it works that way, but oftentimes not.  You write some excellent stuff one day, but the next day is just… blah.  Why is that?

The proverbial superhero train just broke down in the middle of nowhere.  train in country

Getting the train moving again is no easy task.  Sometimes you get stuck and don’t know where to turn.  And I’m not just talking about the blank page in front of you, when words stop flowing.  There are many types of writer’s block.

Blocks can be anything from blank pages, to fundraising issues, to publishing decisions, to deadlines you can’t meet.  Whatever the block you are facing, you need to deal with it head on.  If you don’t, procrastination takes over.  Then you know what happens?  Nothing.  And that amounts to no dough, zero diñero, no money coming in.  Most distressingly, it can cause self-doubt  due to lack of accomplishment.  Because every day you are inactive is a day of lost time and income.

So how do you deal with it?  I’ve got three simple steps for you:

  1. Identify the Block– What is the specific problem?  Are you feeling stressed due to time constraints?  Are you dealing with self-doubt or fear?  Are you lacking funds for your project?  Are you struggling with marketing and standing out in the crowd of books?  Are you having trouble creating a believable, likable character or trying to conquer world building for your novel?  Are you confused by social media marketing or setting up your author platform?
  2. Accept the Block– Understand why you are stuck by asking yourself what the particular frustration is.  For example, do you have time management issues due to other obligations?  Maybe you are overwhelmed by all that goes into self publishing.  Maybe you are writing something you are not really that interested in.  Perhaps you realize that you could use a technical or virtual assistant or need some social media training.  Do you struggle with self confidence?
  3. Crush the Block– Alright, you’ve admitted your writer’s block problem.  Now you have to solve it.  The only way to do this is to move forward.  You cannot sit and hope it fixes itself.  You have to fix it.

And of course, that’s what this community is all about.  Finding solutions.  Making progress.  Crushing blocks.  Becoming a superhero writer.

Stay tuned.  Part 2 of this post continues with your plan of action…   Find it here .

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