The Elusive Ghost: Time

A writer’s biggest struggle, perhaps, is time. It takes time to write, it takes time to edit, to find a cover, to publish, to market… Yeah. It takes a lot of time. Not to mention the fact that you have other obligations in life. A day job possibly, a family, lunches to make and homework to do and dogs to walk and groceries to buy. Most people would agree that there are not enough hours in the day. So how do you integrate writing into your life without staying up until 3 am?

Here are a few EMPOWERING ideas for you:

  • Put writing on your daily schedule. When you make an appointment with yourself to write, you are more likely to actually fit it in. Be disciplined about it and do it.
  • Learn to write anywhere. Take your laptop or journal or even your voice recorder phone app and write (or speak) on the go. You’d be surprised how many minutes are available while you are waiting for your car to be fixed, while the kids are at basketball practice, or during your lunch hour at work. Take 30 minutes in the morning or in the evening before sleep. Even if you only have 15 minutes a day, that’s better than nothing.
  • Write in little bursts. This is a little more difficult, because writers get on a roll sometimes and we don’t want to stop, but this can be a good way to plan new projects. Use little bits of time to make notes on ideas you want to implement, new project ideas, marketing ideas, etc. Take your notebook with you, or use a phone app. Don’t trust your memory to recall that fantastic thought you just had. By the time you get back to writing, you’ll forget at least part of the insight you had.writing-time
  • Plan social media and marketing time. Social media is great, but it can be distracting too. You go on a site, hoping to interact with other writers or post about your book or product, and then find yourself spending an hour on cute pet videos. (Hey, I do this too, so I know!) Try to plan certain times of the day that you will only focus on social media for business, instead of pleasure. Save the pet videos for when you’re standing in line at the bank or waiting for the movie to start. Try to be efficient with your social media time.
  • Convert your monthly or weekly writing goals into daily tasks. You all know about goal making and how important it is because it gives you a target to shoot for. Sometimes the goals seem so lofty, they feel unattainable. Make it easy to reach the goal by breaking it down into daily tasks. If you plan your daily tasks, you will create effective writing sessions and this helps you tackle your goals without as much pressure.

Get organized, make a plan, do the daily tasks and see yourself reach the goal. The accomplishment encourages you to go further.

Writing is important, that’s why you do it. So find what works for you and make sure to integrate it into your life.

If time is your Block- Crush it!


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