The Unburdened Writer

I love when it rains. The soothing sound of it, the smell of it, the cleansing feel of it, dripping on my windowsill, falling lightly on my face, or even the tremble of roaring thunder from behind the curtain.

Something about the rain brings me a sense of calm, even when it is stormy. The storm passes on and leaves only shadows of darkness, where the sun can shine again. It is peaceful to sit at my desk by the rainy windowsill and write. Or sit at the armchair and roam into another land by reading a fantastical tale.

I find rainy days to be especially contemplative days, when I look outside and take stock of all that is part of my life. I pour a cup of coffee or tea and pull out my paper and pen. Maybe I will write a poem today that is just for my eyes. Maybe I will begin the threads of a new story or turn on the computer and finish editing that last chapter.

Anything I choose is the correct thing, because I am writing. I am growing my craft, increasing my knowledge, perfecting my gift. It is all mine.

Do you treat your writing as a gift? If you do not, you are missing out on the magic of it. You may take writing for granted, because you have done it for so long. People have many gifts that they do not recognize as such.Rainfall

A strange and mystical business, writing.   – John Steinbeck

John Steinbeck’s quote speaks to us. Writing is strange because it can be a burden, and mystical because it is an amazingly influential gift that touches both the writer and the reader.

Writing is so powerful. It is all yours because it comes from your heart and soul, and it affects those who experience it. The magic of your words becomes a glorious gift to those who read them. There is a fan for every type of writing, for every genre or theme. Whatever you choose to write, there is an audience for it. And you write it for them, do you not?

As rain is a gift (and sometimes a burden) of nature, so is writing. If writing has become a burden, then you are not doing yourself any favors. It is time to step back and remember how amazing your writing gifts are.

Take a day to contemplate what writing means to you, how you affect others with your writing and why your writing is special. Don’t lose the magic of it with to-do lists and social media marketing and stress.

What type of writing is your favorite? Who are your fans? Why do you write? How can you grow as a writer? How do you share your gifts?

Remind yourself that writing makes all the difference in your life and that your writing is important. Unburden yourself and write for the pleasure of it.Rain on Leaves

Write because you have to. Write to give your stories to the world, to share your voice, and because it gives your life meaning.

One day your writing will be your legacy. Keep the magic alive and give the world your writing gifts.

P.S. Do you have a Writer’s Affirmation Declaration? Make one with this free worksheet.

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